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The only automated plant in Curvelo and Region.

10 years ago Making dreams come true.

About the Company

Located on the margins of BR 135, CityMix Concrete was founded in 2012 and has been operating since then in the machined concrete sector serving the city of Curvelo and region. The main objective of the company is to provide the machined concrete market with high quality and technology to the mining market, and, at the same time, to reconcile business activity with socio-environmental responsibility. CityMix Concreto is made up of people who aim to be facilitators of civil construction and who carry out their activities with standards that monitor and control the quality of concrete and the provision of services, using the best available technologies, serving with an efficient and developing the best solutions for small to large works.

Our Office

BR 135 Highway, KM 626 – Rural Zone – Curvelo – MG – Brazil

Our Phone

(038) 3722-5200

(038) 9 9952-5200

Our Specialties

We have our own fleet that undergoes a rigorous maintenance process in order to avoid possible delays, with strict adherence to deadlines
and competitive prices and quality aggregates. We also work with the best raw materials on the market, to guarantee the best machined concrete.

Specialized teams in all stages of concreting services, from the development of concrete to the planning and assembly of all the necessary infrastructure for the provision of the service within the work.

Following high standards of quality and technology, CityMix is ​​prepared to serve all types of work, whether small, medium or large.


Products and Services

Concreto Convencional CityMix Concretos

Conventional Concrete

Conventional concrete has no special characteristics. It is applied in civil, industrial and pre-molded parts, and it is applied by manual methods. This concrete achieves strength of up to 40 Mpa.

Concreto Bombeável CityMix Concretos

Pumpable Concrete

Its dosage is suitable for use in concrete pumps. Its use has become common in civil construction, serving from homes to large works.

Concreto especial CityMix Concretos

Special Concrete

Concrete with particular characteristics, which incorporate properties not inherent to conventional concrete. Special concretes have special performance characteristics, through the use of aggregates, binders, additives and other unusual materials in the preparation of conventional concretes.