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About the Company

CityCar Mining and Services emerged in 1991, with the creation of CityCar Vehicles in Belo Horizonte, a company that sold new and used vehicles and trucks, subsequently opening another branch in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, on the BR 040 highway in front of CEASA, facing for the commercialization of trucks and two other branches to serve the Central North region of the state, located in the cities of Curvelo and Várzea da Palma.
Glimpsing new markets and diversifying the segments of our company, we started to operate in the service rendering sector with various machines and equipment, acting more specifically in the Steel, Mining, Cement and Heavy Machine Rental sectors for various purposes.

Our Office

Portugal Avenue, 700 – Center – Vespasiano – MG – Brazil

Our Telephone

(031) 3109-1787

(031) 3109-1787