Mining Work Safety

Usina éolica /Barro Preto e Pedra Branca – Gouvea- MG

Focus on Result

Our Occupational Health and Safety goal is Zero accidents, based on a result of cost reduction and contribution to increased production.

Collectors for selective collection.
Fire prevention and firefighting training.

Employees using PPE according to their function.

Temperature benchmarking in the prevention, monitoring and control of COVID 19.

Work Safety Aggregates

Britador – Curvelo Minas Gerais

Vaccination Campaign.

Workplace Safety Training.

Road safety sign.

Safety signaling Electric Panel.

Citymix Work Safety

Curvelo Minas Gerais

Blood Pressure Measurement.

Fire Prevention and Fighting Training.

Protection and Signaling.

Weather protection for employees.

Citycar Work Safety

Vespasiano Minas Gerais

Sanitation and prevention.

Workplace safety training.

Protection and Signaling.

Protection for employees.

Workplace safety training.

Safety inspection on Forklift Forks.

São Geraldo Occupational Work Safety

Curvelo- MG

Workplace safety training.

Equipped employees.

Employees with safety equipment.

Protection and safety for employees.